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Fresh hydrogen water readily available anywhere

When going out/At the office or school

Just put into a plastic bottle and carry in your bag.You can replenish with water a little at a time wherever you go at any time.

In spray

Use as mist water to prevent aridity

At the gym

Manage your physical condition by replenishing with water a little at a time (water loading).

With the family

Put 5 or 6 sticks into a large plastic bottle of water and keep in the fridge for all the family to enjoy.

A welcome addition to various types of water

Power-up your regular water to hydrogen-rich water!

Even when going out, you can drink electrolyzed water full of hydrogen

Thanks to the chlorine mitigating effect, even tap water can safely be made hydrogen-rich!

Healthy water replenishment

Water Loading

Water accounts for 70% of the human body. Humans discharge approximately 2.5 liters of water in everyday life. If the lost water is not replaced, we will feel negative health impacts. Having said that, simply gulping down water also places a burden on organs and can negatively impact health. “Water loading” is a healthy way to replenish water.

In the morning, 1 cup of water on awakening

While sleeping, we perspire so much that our blood is viscous when we awake. Moving around in that state places a burden on our heart. Start your day with a cup of water when you get up in the morning.

During the day, carry your own bottle of water around when at work or going out

Be able to drink water at any time. Feeling thirsty indicates the onset of dehydration, and it is important to rehydrate before that happens. You can reduce the burden placed on your body by rehydrating between 6~8 times, drinking between 150~250ml each time.

Sweating through sports also causes minerals to be lost!?

It is necessary to replenish water when you sweat through doing sports. However, since not only water content but also minerals are discharged with sweat, simply replenishing water will cause the body to lose its mineral balance and perspire even more, leading to discharge of the replenished water and dehydration. Try to skillfully replenish both water content and minerals.

1 cup of water before going to bed

When we sleep, we lose water content due not only to perspiration but also drying caused by air conditioning or heating. To ensure awakening with a fresh feel, try to drink 1 cup of water before going to sleep.

Recommended by experts

Director, Kyowa Hospital affiliated with Seijinkai specified medical corporation

Munenori Kawamura

1Born in 1938 in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Graduate of Kobe University Medical School, Doctor of Medicine
One of the first people to focus on electrolyzed reduced water, he introduced it to medical care settings for diabetes and atopies in 1985.

Doctor Munenori Kawamura, who is Director of Kyowa Hospital affiliated with Seijinkai specified medical corporation and was one of the persons who offered guidance and advice on product development, gave us the following words.
“The electrolytic approach is said to be the most effective for preparing alkaline reduced water containing active hydrogen. Moreover, it is clear that the alkaline reduced water that exists in the natural world is limited. However, this mineral reduced water conditioning device enables anybody in the world to easily and inexpensively obtain mineral reduced water just by adding tap water, and it is no exaggeration to say that, against the present and future backdrop of depleting potable water reserves, it can be a legacy for humankind.”

Director, Suzuki Dental Clinic

Masahiro Suzuki (Doctor of Dentistry, Niigata University)

Calcium is known for being beneficial to bones and teeth, however, unless it is taken in a good balance with magnesium, it doesn’t function well.
The ideal balance for calcium to magnesium is 2:1. magstick neo is rich in magnesium, and I fully recommend it.


magstick neo 1 stick

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magstick neo 6 sticks

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magstick mini

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magstick neo
12L tank type

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Water vending machine

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How to use magstick

This product requires “maintenance” once every 2 weeks.
Be sure to check the instruction manual for the detailed method of use.

The water conditioning materials gradually become depleted and the water conditioning feature correspondingly declines when maintenance is implemented. (Rough guide for use: less than 6 months)

How “simply inserting makes hydrogen water”

Magstick neo is composed of almost 100% purity magnesium, natural minerals and special ceramic.
This magnesium reacts with water to produce hydrogen.
Magstick neo is designed to generate hydrogen even with cold water.